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Workshops and Classes
Aromatherapy harnesses the magic and chemistry of essential oils, which are the distilled essences from plants. They have been known for centuries for their powerful anti-microbial, anti-viral, and antioxidant properties without side effects. These oils have the ability to regenerate and support the immune and hormonal systems. Some even have the ability to directly affect the emotions.  

Aromatherapy can be combined with any other technique to enhance your session and deepen your experience.

Introduction to Essential Oils
What are essential oils anyway? Begin to understand how to use essential oils for physical, emotional and mental well-being, and how to apply and use oils safely and for maximum benefit. 

This talk is geared to absolute beginners who are interested in exploring the benefits and many uses of essential oils but don't know where to start. The talk will cover:

  • Essential oils from healing plants
  • What are essential oils?
  • How to use essential oils safely?
  • What are the uses of essential oils?
  • Why is there so much confusion around essential oils?
  • How do I know what oils are good?
  • How can I use oils to enhance health and wellness?

Essential Oils for Bodyworkers & Healers
Designed for massage therapists, energy workers and other health practitioners, this class will offer you specific ideas of how to confidently use the power of pure essential oils to enhance the effect of your treatments. 

Artisanal Soap Making Workshop
An afternoon of interactive and demonstrative learning for serious soapers who want to make soap the old-fashioned way.

We will cover a wide range of topics including:
  • safety issues
  • preparing the lye
  • water phase alternatives
  • coloring
  • scenting with both fragrances and essential oils
  • preparation of molds, unmolding
  • using a lye calculator
  • designing your own recipes
  • cutting and packaging alternatives

By the time you leave you will know everything you need to know in order to make fabulous quality soaps and even start your own soap making business.

Reiki is a profoundly simple and ancient form of natural healing with energy that dramatically restores mental, emotional and physical harmony.

This hands-on healing technique is deeply restorative and rejuvenating. Utilizing the power of touch and universal life force energy, Reiki works with your body's own healing wisdom to support and gently nudge it toward balance.  

Reiki is increasingly found in hospitals and is learned by many medical professionals because of its simple and powerful way of reducing stress, and therefore allowing the body to heal itself.

Reiki is a visit deep within your body and soul. It will leave you feeling energized and centered. Clients report feeling more self awareness, a clear mind, and a greater sense of being.

Reiki One - Beginner
Reiki One class teaches you a simple yet powerful way to connect to the healing energy of your body, and how to promote a deep sense of relaxation and comfort. This one day class includes all the how-to information to give a self-treatment, as well as instructions on how to effectively treat others in a variety of settings. 

The class includes initiation/attunement to practice Reiki One, self-healing techniques, information on how to give a session, the Reiki history and more. Reiki Level One begins to heal the physical body. It offers a simple tool that connects you more deeply to the life force and healing potential within your body.  

Reiki Two - Distance Healing

​Learn how to heal your emotional self. This class includes techniques that will enable you work beyond space and time. You will learn how to promote protection and energetic safety, how to send energy to your future projects or past traumas, and how to send distance healing to others. 

Reiki Three - Master

This training prepares you to take on a bigger role as a teacher and master practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki. Taught in a series of personalized classes, the focus is on exploration and self-discovery through the understanding of Reiki as a spirtual path. This training is offered one-on-one, by request.

This training will deepen your practice and knowledge of Reiki through direct experience. Each master training is customized to match each students personal goals and interests, while also covering level three basics:

  • *Learn the attunement process and how to initiate new students
  • *Learn the elements to being an effective professional level teacher and/or practitioner
  • *Discover and cultivate your own healing gifts and abilities
  • *Shed light on those obsticles that stand in the way of being a better practitioner
  • *Develop a deeper understanding of what Reiki is, how and when it works best
  • *Explore ways to support your Reiki abilities
  • *Receive the level three attumenent

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