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About Aromasana
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My name is Angela, creator of Aromasana,  and I am a Reiki Master and Aromatherapist living in Island Heights, New Jersey. Along with teaching Aromatherapy and Reiki, and providing healing sessions, my passion is sharing, talking and teaching the craft of holistic soap- and lotion making in the classroom, on my web, and on my Facebook page. 

My passion for skincare and holistic living began with a deep awareness for the care of people and their authentic health and happiness. My journey led me throughout the US and Europe; researching and studying in the fields of botany, aromatherapy, holistic healing; specifically, the healing properties of essential oils and plants. 

Gaining extensive knowledge my choice was clear; I made a personal commitment to take a holistic path in my life and in the creation of my products.

Every formulation I create contains the essentials for achieving and maintaining your radiant self. What I bring to you today is the essence of all that is wholesome beneficial and healing.

One of the best things about soap- and lotion making is being a part of this special community of kindred spirits who share this absolute passion for creating their own beauty products. Whether it’s on a forum, at a meet-up, at a conference or at your local supply shop; soap- and lotion makers are some of the most passionate, creative and caring people I have ever met.

Listen to your intuition and follow your path, and your purpose is revealed
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